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The Technology Advantage

The Technology Advantage –what are the pros and cons of being an early adopter of “management technologies”? Certainly, there is an "aura of coolness" when you can show that you are using the latest gadget, software package, etc. but there must be much more than that, right?

The Technology DISAdvantage!

Share with us your experiences (pros or cons) of being a “laggard” adopter of the work-related technologies. Maybe you dragged your feet to adopt an electronic directory, the latest version of a computer operating system, a PDA or text-messaging technology. If that gave you any type of advantages (this is a vastly undocumented issue!), please let us know!

Being the "Token Latino"

If you have ever been the “Token Latino” at work (the only Hispanic in the organization, often suffering the typical stereotypes about it), please share your experiences and suggestions –the good, the bad and the ugly!

Love and business

We all know how strongly associated passion and Hispanics are seen as synonymous in our culture. In your experienced as a Latina/Latino, is this a disadvantage or an advantage at the workplace? Why, or how?

Spanglish in the marketplace

Do you also cringe sometimes when you hear or read a bad translation in a product package, a book, a movie, on TV? Please post examples, how you think this hurts (or may help?) businesses, what you think should be done about it, or anything that you find related

Evidence-Based Management to professionalize our MBA practice

Please post your comments or suggestions about "Professionalizing our MBA practice through Evidence-Based Management." I welcome your experiences and ideas, but if you have links or articles to share with me and with your fellow NSHMBA members, I will be glad to share them as well. Thanks!

A random collage

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Hello world?

In my explorations to find decent blogging options, I came across the arguable "mother of all blogs:" Blogger.com, nowadays owned by Google. Along with this "hello world" note, I am posting a collage of my wife and myself in interesting places. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions! (Caveat: all comments or postings are moderated.)