Blockchains in Management

Blockchains, or "Distributed Ledger Technologies" (DLT). For the past few months, I have been exploring the world of cryptocurrencies (indirectly), in an effort to learn more and write about how "blockchains" may be used in Management. The following are some useful links in case you are interested in learning about this emerging technology:

Bitcoin's landing page:

The original application of the blockchain. You can find there the white paper by "Satoshi Nakamoto," whom some believe is a nom de plume for a group of people who wanted to suggest a solution to "the double spend problem." They did find a solution that offers exciting possibilities!


All you might be interested to know about cryptocurrencies!

What is a Blockchain?

A very understandable and concise summary about blockchains and open source (free) software!

Let me know if you find an interesting article related to how blockchains are / might be used for Management purposes!