Andri Georgiadou in Clarion!

I feel so privileged to share that my colleague, friend, and fellow editor, Dr. Andri Georgiadou will be in Clarion this Wednesday, October 24! She has been the leader in the Diversity Within Diversity book project for which Maria-Alejandra González-Pérez and I are also volume editors (awesome teamwork, but that's a topic for a future post). This book kept me busy and connected to my scholarly projects during my Sabbatical year in 2017-18. Here is the information about the event:

Diversity Within Diversity Management
Wednesday, October 24, 3:30-4:30 pm in Room 206 Still Hall

Nowadays, managing and promoting diversity is of paramount importance to the future of sustainability and henceforth gain increasing importance on the political and business agenda. Even though diversity management scholarship has grown tremendously over the past years, a strong consensus has emerged on existing theories tendency to focus on a single level of analysis, on a limited range of usually Western research settings, and despite the agenda around intersectionality, on a relatively narrow range of types of diversity. Diversity research has insofar focused on prioritizing visible forms of diversity, such as gender diversity or disability, with less emphasis placed on diversity in culture and values and across countries.

The need for publishing the two volumes, Diversity within diversity management: Country-based perspectives and Diversity within diversity: Types of Diversity in Organizations has emerged due to the lack of understanding as to how diversity and equality are managed in different national contexts. Focusing on workplace equality, diversity, and inclusion, the collection of chapters (conceptual, theoretical, or empirical articles) brings together a unique blend of scholarly research and professional practice, evidenced through an array of individuals both outside and inside organizations.

Andri Georgiadou is a Fulbright Visiting Professor at the Pennsylvania State University and an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Hotel and Tourism Management at Cyprus University of Technology. She has authored and/or co-authored scientific papers published in prestigious international journals such as European Management Review, Tourism Management, among others, and is also a reviewer in many international scientific journals and conferences. Dr. Andri specializes in Human Resources Management, leadership and team development, improving team efficiency, managing change and innovation, managing corporate culture, and strategically aligning businesses and organizations. Her research focuses on equality, diversity and inclusion at work from relational and interdisciplinary perspectives. Exploring aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion, she pursues a theoretically rigorous and empirically grounded research agenda. In 2018 she established and since then manages the Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Center (EQUIDY). She can be reached at and

Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

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